We’re thrilled that you’ve discovered our website of visual artistry. Ballesteros Photography was founded in 2007 a year after we got married. We are proud to say that our journey as creatives has impacted and moved over hundreds of brides and grooms and has taken us on adventures all over the world. We take pride in the unique service we offer as a husband and wife team. We hold a strong conviction and passion to capture and represent each wedding we shoot with a value of beauty, creativity, and emotional impact. We hope to have the chance to meet you in person. Until then, enjoy this creative legacy we share side by side.

We’re thrilled that you’ve discovered our website of visual artistry. We hope to have the chance to meet you in person. Until then, enjoy this creative legacy we share side by side.

We were young, newly weds immersed in our love for one another to the point of feeling that anything was possible. We quit our jobs putting everything we had into what is now known as Ballesteros Photography. I discovered my gift for photography from a film class that I took in high school. I passed on my love for photography to Kari in 2007 after we got married. We soon discovered that we both shared something incredible to offer the world as wedding creatives together. Beyond the artistry and creativity, we also desire to contribute to a beautiful wedding experience for our clients. We’ve had the honor of impacting hundreds of couples through visual artistry at each other's side. Our hearts are so moved to be able to provide a lifelong impact on peoples lives through the gift we share together as husband and wife. 

We love traveling around the world. Kari and I are always dreaming about the next place we’ll visit. All we need is our camper trailer, little pup Rusty and a beautiful destination. Our love for our family keeps us wanting to come home. It’s this beautiful dance of home and away that keeps our lives filled with adventure beyond the love we share for our career. Even more, music has been a grand adventure in our love story together. The first day we set eyes on each other was at church and to this day we are still leading worship together in our little local church.  

custom soundtracks produced for each wedding video

Music has been a part of my life since I was a boy. I spent most of my teenage years composing song ideas and tracking my music on an old reel to reel that I found in my parent's attic. With so many ideas running through my head I began layering sounds on top of one another in my bedroom late into the night. To this day I can still feel the excitement that comes from the process of hearing music take shape through multi-track recording. Near the end of my high school years I concluded that my dream career was to write soundtracks for cinema. This dream was soon forgotten along my journey of life but then realized again when Kari & I began shooting wedding videos together. Searching for a song to fit someone’s wedding experience never made sense to me when I could just write a perfect soundtrack match for our clients myself. Writing wedding soundtracks is so natural and easy for me and our little “in home recording studio” is amazing. Through it all, and to this day I am delighted that my music has found a space to amplify the emotional journey of what I believe to be the most powerful event in a person's life. 

It’s my goal as a makeup artist to make sure you feel confident, beautiful, and relaxed on your wedding day. Whether it’s a simple, soft and natural look, or a detailed, dramatic, and glamorous look, it’s my desire to give my brides exactly what they desire for their special day. I use a mix of products from different high-end makeup brands including airbrush makeup . All makeup services include false lashes. I will be on location and available all day for touch ups exclusively for clients that book with Ballesteros Photography.

Bridal Trial Run-

Bridal Day Of Wedding- $115

 Bridesmaids/MOB/MOG- $95